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Company purpose

People - oriented, integrity and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, social returns.

Business purpose

Reputation first, quality satisfaction.

Service purposes 

Warm reception of new and old customers, a clear understanding of customer needs; strict quality control process, timely quality tracking, rapid processing of quality objections.

    We mainly export serialized wood products , including all kinds of LVL, plywood, laminated board, building templates, block boards, MDF, and other wood products and we mainly import core board from Indonesia.

If you want to know more, please contact us 0086-517-83529086

contact us

China Link International (Huai'An) Co., Ltd.

Name: Mr. Wang
Tell: 0086-517-83529086
Phone: 0086-13801409587
Add: Room 12A, Building 26, Huaihai Garden District A, Huai'An City, China

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