Plywood market gradually pick up solid wood flooring sales rose steadily

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Plywood market gradually pick up solid wood flooring sales rose steadily

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Recently, in the freight increase and the devaluation of the renminbi and a series of factors under the influence of the news of the price of timber wave after wave. As the downstream industry of wood, flooring and wood-based panel industries will inevitably be affected. The current home improvement season, from the market back to the data can be seen, the floor and wood-based panel market is still more optimistic.

Solid wood flooring prices are temporarily stable. Despite the impact of transportation costs, solid wood flooring prices rise, but the price of solid wood flooring is temporarily maintained a relatively stable state. Businesses said that the emergence of such a situation, a large reason is that many of the current solid wood flooring is combined with the real estate, due to large sales, bargaining power is not the manufacturers here, so temporarily take their own digestion to solve.

Solid wood flooring sales rose steadily. Into October, the flooring market has been ongoing promotions, and the demand for home improvement season also makes the market's popularity has increased. Many consumers need to buy the floor began to enter the market procurement, making the sales of solid wood flooring a steady rise in the momentum. Although the increase is more limited, but the growth of the market or to a certain extent, ease the dealer's anxiety.

Home improvement market force, plywood market gradually pick up. According to business sources, with the deepening of home improvement season, rigid demand for the promotion of the role of the market gradually, the steady rise in volume. Businessmen said that although the home improvement market is small quantities getting goods, but more and more, more people flow, or can feel the market gradually improved.
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