Introduction of 8 kinds of man - made sheet material

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Introduction of 8 kinds of man - made sheet material

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Plate furniture is a wood-based panel as the main substrate, is the basic structure of the plate assembly and disassembly modular furniture, all the surface decoration of the man-made sheet metal and hardware components connected to the furniture. There are many varieties of man-made sheet: a glued plywood, wood panels, fiber density board, honeycomb board, flame retardant board (gypsum board, calcium silicate), aluminum-plastic plate, the United States plate, can be board, decorative panels, Size specifications: 1220 × 2440,1525 × 2440,1850 × 2440,1850 × 2880.

First, glued plywood
Gluing plywood by the miscellaneous veneer and glue through the laminated, the general use of horizontal and horizontal press, The aim is to enhance the strength of the role. Generally more than 12 PCT thickness requirements of more than 9 layers, 10 centimeters above 5 layers. Gluing plywood according to the category of four categories, that is resistant to weather, moisture-resistant plywood for the class I, water-resistant plywood for the class II, moisture-resistant plywood III, intolerant plywood IIII class. Different prices vary widely, should be selected according to different purposes. Size specifications are: 915 × 1220,915 × 1830,915 × 2135,915 × 2440,1220 × 1220,1220 × 1830,1220 × 2135,1220 × 2440 thickness: 3,3.5 ~ 20 range.

Second, blockboard
The joinery is made of the core board, and the two outer surfaces are bonded together. This board grip nail force than plywood, particleboard high. Size specifications are as follows: 915 × 915,915 × 1830,915 × 2440,1220 × 2440,1220 × 1220, 1220 × 1830 thickness of 5 to 30 and so on. This board price than plywood, particleboard are expensive. It is suitable for high-grade cabinet products, processing technology and traditional solid wood almost.

Three, honeycomb board
Honeycomb panels can also be called honeycomb paper, which is processed by 200g kraft paper into a honeycomb shape, and stretch products are divided into A, B, C three. Its advantages are: light weight, not easy to deformation, but it should be combined with the MDF or particleboard used alone. Especially suitable for anti-deformation large span table. Or easy to deformation of the door core. But the production to cold or hot pressing processing, and thus lower production efficiency.

Fourth, fiber density board
Fiber density board from the wood after the separation of heat from the combination of heat. It is divided by density in high density, medium density. Usually use more medium density fiberboard, the proportion of about 0.8 or so. Its advantages for the surface is more smooth, easy to paste the Boeing film, spray adhesive cloth, not easy to moisture deformation.

Five, flame retardant board
Flame retardant board is mainly made of industrial magnesium oxide raw materials, the adhesive for the resin material, so the cost is low, flame retardant board, also known as non-combustible plate. Its processing performance and particleboard, MDF approximation. Do not absorb water, soak for 12 hours without incident. Flame retardant board has a class of raw materials from the main gypsum, but also non-flammable flame retardant, but the moisture absorption is poor, local and easy to expand, drilling nail is not OK. The other for the silicate board, it also has flame retardant properties, but the weight of magnesium oxide than non-flame retardant plate 1.5 times, grip nail force not on the bearing structure requirements of high strength, the cost is also increased.

Six, aluminum-plastic plate, the US plate
Such a plate is a composite material, aluminum-plastic plate surface with aluminum plate in the plastic plate above, the other is the main plastic plate for vacuum aluminum treatment, two were in the cost, the function is almost. US plate is a category of aluminum-plastic plate, which in addition to a plastic plate with aluminum plate, but also by molding a variety of art patterns (ie, different design) aluminum-plastic board features fire, light weight, but also do modeling bending The

Seven, particleboard
Particleboard is mainly made of wood by a certain temperature and rubber hot pressing. Wood cut in the sub-wood wood cutting, bagasse, wood shavings and other ingredients. General quality Particleboard is made of wood shavings. It consists of core layer, outer layer and transition layer. The amount of glue in the outer layer is higher, can increase the nail holding force, moisture, sanding treatment, by the particleboard processing process using rubber and a certain solvent, resulting in a certain amount of benzene chemical composition, according to their different points are E0, E1 , E2 level at the same time in the particleboard is also divided into moisture-proof particleboard, the price is slightly higher than the ordinary particleboard.

Eight, foam board
Foam board mainly in PP, ABS, EPS, EVA in one of the materials by foam molding, due to cost reasons, foam board PS, EVA two categories of the majority. Foam board can be used for sound insulation, push nail plug and so on. Particularly suitable for strength is not high structural parts, low load bearing occasions. Foam board and Boeing film, cloth bonding, to choose the right glue and different process parameters Caixing, or a bubble phenomenon.
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