Plywood selection

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Plywood selection

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Introduction to plywood
Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture, one of the three main boards of wood-based panels, cut into veneer from the wood section or three or more layers of paper-like material made of wood , Usually with odd-numbered veneer, and the adjacent layer of the fiber in the direction of the vertical bonding from each other.

The use of plywood
Mainly used in furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, residential building with a variety of plates. Followed by shipbuilding, car manufacturing, all kinds of military, light industrial products and packaging and other industrial sectors.

Plywood specification thickness
Plywood is composed of some thin wood chips, there are plywood, plywood, etc., occasionally odd. Plywood specifications are generally long 2440MM, width of 1220MM. According to the combination of different layers, plywood thickness is also different, generally 3 PCT board, 5 PCT board, 9 PCT board, 12 PCT board, 15 PCT board, 18 PCT board and other specifications, of course, according to special circumstances Other thicknesses.
    We mainly export serialized wood products , including all kinds of LVL, plywood, laminated board, building templates, block boards, MDF, and other wood products and we mainly import core board from Indonesia.

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