The difference between wood-based panels and solid wood

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The difference between wood-based panels and solid wood

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Solid wood furniture
Now the solid wood furniture on the market can be divided into logs and imitation wood, wood for the pure wood, the process does not use any wood-based panel or density stickers, imitation wood furniture texture, color, feel similar to the original wood furniture, It is made of wood-based panel and solid wood furniture.
Solid wood furniture is the biggest advantage of natural environmental protection, processing technology rarely glue adhesive. The older the solid wood furniture is worth the money. In addition to the preservation function, solid wood furniture life is also very long, can use several decades to several hundred years. Solid wood board after puzzle paint, the gap will not appear and uneven phenomenon, the seat of the card slot fixed quite solid. In addition to the use of powerful, ornamental is also very strong, at home can improve the quality of home decoration. Its shortcomings are in the climate of instability under the conditions of easy deformation, maintenance difficulties.

Wood-based panel furniture
Wood-based panels are made of wood processing corners of waste, the production of chemical viscose made of sheet metal, common varieties are: carpentry board, fiberboard, the US plate, foam board.
Wood-based panel furniture is not easy to deformation, stable quality, the price is much cheaper than solid wood furniture. This plate is generally connected with the hardware, loading and unloading is very convenient, in the temperature, humidity changes relatively large place is more stable, easy to deformation. But the man-made sheet metal furniture containing formaldehyde, once the higher content will have on the human body to produce olfactory stimulation, allergies, asthma, cough, vomiting, pulmonary edema, and even death hazards. Formaldehyde will be released with the increase in temperature, if long-term high temperature environment, it is recommended not to use wood-based panel furniture. Although the wood-based panel furniture contains formaldehyde, but not that can not be used, when the content of formaldehyde within the specified range, the wood-based panel furniture can still be used.
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