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Blockboard to buy points

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First, the concept of blockboard
Blockboard commonly known as Daxin board, [1] is made of two pieces of the middle of the pressure from the board made of wood. The total thickness of the two sides of the joinery board shall not be less than 3mm. All kinds of blockboard corner defects, within the nominal width of the width of not more than 5mm, the length of not more than 20mm. The middle wood is made of high-quality natural wood board by heat treatment (ie drying room drying), processed into a certain size of the wood, made by the puzzle machine stitching. Stitching after the two sides of the board covered two high-quality veneer, and then by the cold, hot press made after pressure. Mainly used for furniture, doors and windows and sets, partition, false walls, heating hood, curtains and other production.

Second, the characteristics of blockboard
1, Blockboard grip screw force is good, high strength, with quality Kennedy, sound absorption, insulation and other characteristics, and moisture content is not high, between 10% -13%, easy processing, the most widely used.
2, Blockboard than solid wood sheet stability, but fear of wet, construction should be avoided to avoid the kitchen and toilet.
3, machine fight the blockboard block by the larger pressure, the gap is very small, stitching formation, bearing uniform force, long-term use, compact structure is not easy to deformation.
4, due to the internal solid wood, so the processing equipment requirements are not high, easy on-site construction.
5, home decoration can only use E1-class blockboard, and not too much use, so as to avoid excessive indoor formaldehyde harm health.
6, Blockboard According to the merits of the material and the texture of the surface material can be divided into "excellent goods", "first-class goods" and "qualified products."
7, Blockboard process requirements are high, not only need enough space for the wood to have sufficient time to adapt to the natural dry, but also through the drying kiln for strict drying process control.
8, Blockboard than the thick plywood texture light, less consumption of plastic, and save the province, and gives a sense of solid wood to meet the consumer demand for solid wood furniture.

Third, the blockboard to buy points
1, to pick the machine puzzle. Blockboard from the production can be divided into hand puzzle and machine puzzle two categories. Hand puzzle is the artificial wood will be embedded in the mezzanine, this board generally board core wood arrangement is missing, the gap is large, mostly for the waste, the board has convex, with nail force difference, not sawing processing, Generally only the whole use of the department with the home decoration projects, such as solid wood flooring mats and so on. Machine puzzle board core arrangement of the average clean, the surface layer of pressure plate with a tight combination.
2, the core material is best not selected hardwood. Blockboard core material for the poplar, pine, Paulownia, linden wood and hardwood. Filled with pine trees and other species of nails strong, not easy to deformation; it is best not to choose hard Zamu, due to hardwood do not eat nails.
3, to pay attention to the appearance of the plate. If the blockboard around the edge of the plastic, than the phenomenon of putty, it means that his internal must have a gap or floating. You can also use the tip of the mouth to hit the surface of the plate, if the business difference is large, it means that there are floating inside. In addition, but also depends on the surface of the plate is smooth, with or without convex, whether bending deformation. Good plate is double sanding, hand feel very smooth, four sides straight, side of the mouth board arranged neat, seamless.
4, pay attention to the detection of moisture content of the plate. The moisture content of the blockboard shall not exceed 12%. High-quality blockboard using machine drying, moisture content can reach the standard, poor quality of large core board often does not meet the standard.
5, to pay attention to the formaldehyde content of sheet metal. Formaldehyde will cause harm to the respiratory system, the World Health Organization has indeed thought that carcinogenic substances. It is mainly released from the blockboard. When selecting, you should avoid decorative panels with irritating breath. As the greater the breath, indicating that the higher the amount of formaldehyde release, the more severe pollution, the greater the harm.
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